Case Studies

We are proud of projects shown below. They showcase a cross section of all our services across a variety of building types; from commercial office buildings, residential apartments, and luxury homes to warehouses, industrial parks and shopping centres… there’s no building type outside our scope.

Burlington Arcade


Burlington Arcade is a line of boutique stores that runs from Piccadilly through to Burlington Gardens. Built with the aim of selling jewellery and fancy articles of fashionable demand, the arcade is one of the earliest in London’s history, built in the 19th century to serve the growing middle class in the city.


Karsons used design simulation methodology (DSM) software to create a thermal model of the entire arcade including every internal retailer.

During our inspection, our accredited inspectors created the model ensured that the building envelope and all intricacies of the building were included with solar gains and natural lighting all considered. We know from experience that these play a massive part in energy reduction and the EPC rating. We carried out an analysis of the daylight dimming and mixed mode systems to establish precise information to reduce energy consumption and capital costs thereby improving the EPC rating.