How to get the best EPC rating?

20-December-2016 10:21
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“From April 2018, the Energy Act 2011 proposes legislative changes making it unlawful to let commercial properties with an EPC Rating of F or G"

There are three levels of Energy Performance Certificates (EPC). The complexity and the services used by that building will determine the level required;

Level 3 = Small buildings with simple heating systems and small local cooling systems.

Level 4 = Purpose built buildings, with more complex heating and air conditioning systems.

Level 5 = Larger buildings that are complex in shape and services.

For Level 5 buildings, the EPC certificate is produced by using Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) methodology software which builds a 3D model and simulates the energy for fabric and services using hourly weather data.  This software can simulate many features of buildings such as blinds on windows, variable speed pumps/fans and free-cooling obtained from mechanical and natural ventilation.

For Level 3 and 4 buildings the EPC certificate is produced using SBEM Methodology, which uses banded weather data that cannot match the DSM software and consequently the resulting EPC will be a low rating.

All levels of EPCs can be undertaken using DSM Level 5 software, but this fact is not widely known.

At Karsons Consulting, we come across too many EPCs that under-rate a building's EPC rating because the level used is incorrect, and the input data is also incorrect. Our thought is doing it right. Therefore, we offer the opportunity to improve the building EPC and avoid an F or G before 2018. We can also assist in evaluating capital expenditure options in a feasibility report using DSM Level 5 software, and this lends for greater analysis in energy management reporting.

We undertake all our EPCs using Level 5 software and we assure you that you will not receive a better rating elsewhere.

Points to be aware of when selecting your EPC assessor; ensure that he/she is a CIBSE Low Carbon Consultant, other agencies are more relaxed with their auditing procedures leading to those assessors taking short-cuts; ensure that the assessor is a senior level building services consultant. It is only with a good and thorough understanding of building services that a positive impact on the EPC can be achieved.

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