Environmental Engineering


Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
This is a requirement under the Energy Performance in Buildings Regulations. Using the abovementioned thermal modelling techniques, we are able to generate EPCs to level 5 to achieve the most accurate EPC rating.

We have case studies to demonstrate that with us you will obtain the best rating on your EPC and therefore achieve the best marketability for your building sale or letting.
Display Energy Certificates (DECs)
DECs are required for public buildings and provide the buildings operational rating in a similar scale than the EPC.

This however uses benchmarking software where you input the buildings floor area and annual consumption to achieve the rating.

The government requirement in accordance with the Energy Performance in Buildings Regulations is that this certificate is displayed.
Air Conditioning Inspections (TM44)
Air Conditioning systems greater than 12kW are required to have their AC systems inspected by an accredited inspector. This is a requirement under the Energy Performance in Buildings Regulations.

Here we undertake a site inspection and provide practical recommendations for the most efficient operation and cost reduction measures for the operation of these systems.
Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)
Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme is a regulation that requires larger companies to undertake detailed energy savings where large UK based companies must submit an information pack including a 4-year plan regarding how their energy consumption will be reduced.

This service can only be undertaken by an accredited inspector.
Energy and Environmental Surveys
We also rate these based on priority, effectiveness, cost and impact on the EPC. Link to EPC.

Our financial assessment includes project costs that are rated by simple payback. Management of energy consumption use the latest benchmarking tools including degree days. This is used for more detailed energy surveys, we undertake a review of the utility data to know accurately what energy consumption is used, its suitability against benchmarks for that type of building, but more importantly, normalised against weather data.

If the winter was a warmer winter, heating energy costs should be low. Our bespoke software allows for this analysis.
Specialist Power Quality Surveys
Often there are several issues relating to power quality in existing buildings. We use special metering that enables us to obtain data over a period of time and we provide technical reports on how to improve the electrical services of a building.

This may include better power quality, evenly balanced loads, reducing spikes from mechanical services. We also sub-meter specific equipment to review its electrical performance and efficiency.
Electricity Recharge Service
Understanding utility bills are essential to energy management (tag service 11) and allocating charges to multi-tenanted buildings. In a multi-tenanted building, there are sub-meters for tenant areas.

We review the total consumption, the utility bills as well as the tenant meters and provide a monthly invoice for purposes of recharge. Karsons have developed a bespoke software where we are able to easily allocate recharge invoices at the click of a button. Saving time / complete accuracy with recharge value. No more losing money for unaccounted funds if you're a landlord.