Building Services Design


Feasibility Studies
We provide recommendations to clients on their projects regarding installation or implementation of services. Our report also contains a full financial review with consideration of whole lifecycle costing, energy efficiency of new technology, and selections of new services installations. You will receive a detailed report that covers everything you need to know to ensure your project runs smoothly as possible.
Building Dynamic Solutions and Thermal Modelling
We use thermal imaging software to assess heat loads essential for evaluation design options. The detail and accuracy of software means we can review energy saving measures and generate what we believe are the most accurate EPCs possible.
All Inclusive Design Process Management
We provide technical specifications including drawings (detailed and performance types) with specialist tools that create detailed thermal models and design calculations.

We offer management of the tender process including tender / contract documents.

We normally include a tender summary report at this stage to advise you of our recommendation. Upon completion, the process is concluded with a project sign-off ensuring compliance with technical specification.
Project Management
During the course of any project, we provide a project management role where we review project progress and ensure that the project meets design criteria.

This relates to a multitude of project types not limited to building services.

For example, most recently we are undertaking a demolition project, where our knowledge of asbestos, structural engineering and health and safety are key.
Commission Management / Specialist Testing
Building services are often changed during the lifecycle of a building and specialist testing or commissioning is required to restore to design criteria or present requirements. This service is also required when a project is completed to ensure that the installation meets design criteria.
Specialist Design Solutions
We are also experts in the following services - building services design and operation for industrial, process and business critical systems (such as cold rooms, critical AC, PDU, UPS, Generators…). We also provide specialist design services for innovative lighting, lifts, fire services, sprinklers, access control systems and security systems.