A brief history of Karsons Consulting

22-December-2020 16:12
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In 2007, Karsons’ founder and Director, Hashil Ramjee represented the Association of Consultancy and Engineering (ACE)’s UK management team at the European Federation of Consultancy (EFCA) conference in Brussels. Hashil spoke at the
conference on the UK’s position on young consultants and engineers, their development and transition to becoming industry leaders. Here Hashil explained the importance of equipping young engineers with tools to developing key business skills
and a more rounded approach is essential to propel a young professional along their career path. This rounded approach was paramount to the successful launch of Karsons Consulting in 2010.

Over to Durban, South Africa where it all began over a century ago…Many families made their way from India to South Africa in the early 1900s in search of a new beginning. The Ramjee family was one of those families, and with a hard working drive, Karson Ramjee (Hashil’s grandfather) set up Karsons shoe repair store following his namesake located in Grey Street, Durban, South Africa which was their trade back then.

Following years of success in Durban, he handed this family business to his eldest son, Dhiru, who ran this business into the 2000s. His youngest brother, Bharat, set up Karsons Take Away, a convenience store and take away. This was a modest family with humble beginnings and the businesses were a livelihood. The two brothers worked within 100m from each other running separate businesses but the name Karsons became well known throughout Durban and the local communities.

Bharat’s son Hashil immigrated to the UK in 2003 in search of a new beginning with an Engineering Degree, drive, determination and passion for people instilled in him from the Karsons name. Circumstances in Hashil’s career led to the incorporation of Karsons Consulting to follow the namesake of his family.

Karsons consulting who specialise in the field of building services engineering, was established to provide expertise in the services that make a building work, with sustainable development and innovation at the forefront of their operations.

Now, ten years on, what started out as a humble ‘one man’ company has now blossomed into a truly world class consultancy firm. Working with some of London’s most prestigious commercial and residential properties, Karsons have become industry leaders in UK building engineering.