Cultivating Community: We helped build a Greenhouse!

25-October-2019 10:24
in General
by Admin

Every job we that we undertake affords us the opportunity to give back to communities across the world. While we enjoy supporting a broad range of philanthropic pursuits, we delight in funding projects that provide and enrich educational opportunities wherever they are needed. Through our partnership with Childreach Nepal, a non-governmental organisation working in Nepal to help rural kids reach their potential, we fund projects that will benefit students and enable their local community to become self-sufficient. One project we are particularly thrilled about has just borne fruit...or in this case vegetables.


Karsons recently help support one school by funding their veggie farming initiative. Shree Chiaune Secondary School in the Sindhupalchowk district will

be using their new greenhouse and garden to not only help students develop their green thumbs, but also teach them valuable lessons in environmental sustainability and agricultural practices. Students will also learn about business and entrepreneurship as the school intends to sell any produce grown to fund future projects in the community. The greenhouse facility adds a practical element to learning, getting students out of the classroom and hands-on in the garden to grow food and develop lifelong skills. These resources provide vital opportunities in rural Nepalese communities and help to create a varied engaging curriculum throughout their studies. 


This is not the first time Karsons have supported schools in the area. Through another Childreach Nepal collaboration, we were able to provide sporting equipment to football and cricket teams whose players consist of street children. With the help of our sponsorship, a cricket tournament was held and the winning team traveled to the UK in June 2019 to represent their country in the  Street Child Cricket World Cup. One other upcoming commitment is to fund the building of an earthquake-safe school in another remote Nepalese village. The goal is to provide more access to safe spaces for children to continue their education…. Stay tuned for more updates!


We believe all businesses should engage in acts of philanthropy as often possible. That is why we partnered with B1G1 through our ‘Karson’s for Good’ Charity initiative. This not-for-profit helps businesses provide small acts of kindness all across the world. A portion of every fee we collect goes towards this project and we are proud to say we have supported 10,000 acts of charity in remote communities all over the map. From funding education in Afghanistan to feeding Koalas in Australia, we take pride in doing our bit to be a responsible corporate citizen.


If you would like to know more about our philanthropic work or have an opportunity we could support please email or visit our B1G1 page