Being Part of Something Bigger

29-January-2019 12:12
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by Admin

The team at Karsons has a culture of philanthropy, we find it important to remain grounded even when we are always reaching high, and we make an effort to give back to where we see it is needed and where it also make sense for us as a business.


Our first success story is about our partnership with B1G1. This platform allows us to sponsor projects where 100% of the funds reach initiatives on the ground.

It is our pledge that for every project we deliver successfully to our clients, a proportion of the fees goes to a project somewhere in the world. We then send certificates of gratitude to our clients thanking them for their contribution to making a difference to humanity. In future, we hope to capture our clients’ preferences in what projects they may wish to sponsor. Last year we managed the above showing 4,067 impacts. This year we have improved this to an even better 10,450.


Early Birth Association

Karsons were one of the main sponsors of a charity ball to raise money for the Early Birth Association. A charity that provides support for families with pre-mature babies. They support hospitals with equipment, families with support and give the necessary care to those in need of support. They receive donations and buy items ranging from vital lifesaving equipment, including a scanner, state of the art incubators, blood gas analyser and phototherapy units to clothes and nursery items such as pretty sheets and blankets to make the unit more homely. Karsons are proud to be supporting this wonderful cause.

Childreach Nepal

As we like to be hands-on and involved in all that we do, we got very excited when we found the charity Childreach Nepal. It is a charity working innovatively to enable children’s potential by ensuring proper and safe school environments in Nepal as one part of their mission. We started working with Childreach Nepal in 2017 and have since then provided football kit to underprivileged children across Nepal and India.

Also, last year, Karsons supported the building of a greenhouse to a school to provide home-grown tomatoes. As Childreach Nepal thinks innovatively, they try to help the rural communities to create self-sustainable business models where they can develop and become independent. It was a clear fact that one village where Childreach Nepal had built a school, was in need of tomatoes.

Towards the end of 2018, Karsons pledged to contribute $25,000 to build an earthquake-safe school in rural Nepal. This is within an area that is completely isolated and without transport links, sanitation facilities nor accommodation for staff. Our pledge is to assist in the building of the school with strategically issued funds to facilitate the key stages of the build project.

It is through our work with Childreach Nepal that we have come to realize the necessity for such a project and would be delighted to be in attendance as a Karsons team to cut the ribbon in the opening of this school.


Karsons is a company that values charity and is dedicated to give back whenever it can. As mentioned earlier, via the B1G1 initiative, we pledge to donate a proportion of the fees we charge to a charity of choice. Working with us means more than working with Karsons, you work with a philanthropic initiative and have the opportunity to be part of something bigger. Contact us at or visit our B1G1 page out more to find out what we can do for you, and what you can do for them.