Case Studies

We are proud of projects shown below. They showcase a cross section of all our services across a variety of building types; from commercial office buildings, residential apartments, and luxury homes to warehouses, industrial parks and shopping centres… there’s no building type outside our scope.

The Gaslight




The Gaslight in Rathbone Street, Fitzrovia is a modern mixed-use commercial property, with a fitness centre in the lower ground level and a primary tenant occupying the building. The building refurbishment was completed in 2019 and benefits from modern HVAC systems.



Karsons provide an ongoing technical role by auditing the maintenance and also ensuring that the engineering services work in accordance with their design. Additionally, Karsons are also responsible in providing technical support in the maintenance of lifts. Recently we assisted in the commissioning of the lifts on site and were involved in the insurance works as a result of a major flood on site in 2020. Finally, Karsons remain involved in the integration of the tenant with their license to alter.